About Us

Welcome to AchievMo.com.  We are an up and coming leader in the awareness for causes arena.  Our goal is to bring awareness and help fundraise for the cause that is most important to you.  AchievMo is quickly growing as we are tied closely to the community.  AchievMo is looking to build a relationship with you as we design handcrafted merchandise into the future. 

AchievMo was launched in March of 2020 just before the onset of Covid-19 took over the world.  This has made it an extremely challenging time for many different businesses, however AchievMo feels this is the right time to provide an opportunity to partner and fundraise for the causes that are most important to our customers.

No stranger to adversity and challenges, the founder of AchievMo realized many important causes couldn’t wait, so he decided to act now.  He was diagnosed in his teens with the neurological disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and continues to persevere through life; constantly adapting to whatever is thrown his way with dignity and passion for helping others.  The 2020 pandemic has been no different, and he has taken this opportunity to focus his energy on designing unique, handcrafted, quality merchandise to help others bring awareness to their favorite cause.  

The AchievMo Difference

We are striving to become the Leader in Raising Awareness for causes around the world.  We custom design EVERY product for our causes and customers,  we make every effort to purchase and own the tools and machinery needed to craft our products to the highest level of quality.  When using outsource services to fulfill on demand, we ensure they are 100% vetted and scrutinized for quality and satisfaction. That is how we can offer YOU our greatest supporter a no risk 100% Guarantee on all of our merchandise.

AchievMo Supporting Causes & How It Works

We want to support as many causes as we can throughout the year while raising the maximum amount of funds to be donated to your causes.  We will spend extra time in designing and developing innovative products that you will be proud to wear, give as a gift or use as support for friends & family.  AchievMo can support more causes every year with your assistance. 

We review all of our sales by causes monthly.  AchievMo will then take the funds to be donated and initiate an online donation, or write a check to the charity.  No matter how much we generate each month, we will donate to your cause.  All donations will be made public so you can see how your contribution is benefiting your cause by simply going to the Causes Page, or on our Social Media pages by searching hashtag:   #ACHIEVMOCARES

Please contact us if you have any questions or want your charity to participate in our program.  We would love to hear from you.