As a full time power chair user, our founder Brian has dedicated himself to finding unique solutions to our every day problems.   

Whether you want some accessories to pimp out your ride and customize it with some bling or you need a solution to charge your phone, led’s and a drone.  

AchievMo is creating real everyday solutions to help wheelchair and powerchair users get the most out of their ride and not just from a functional perspective but from a design and fashionable 

We offer a full line of customized accessories for manual wheel chairs and power chairs.  If you are searching for an item and unable to find it, please contact us as we are manufacturing many new items for the community.  If you need it, there is a high probability that someone else could use it to. 

AchievMo works internally and externally with disability teams to identify the latest tech and non-tech products and accessories needed for our chairs, home or everyday living.  If you have an idea for a product or don’t see one you would like, please contact us today to discuss how we can get it designed and manufactured for you.