AchievMo Awareness Coins are custom designed by our talented in house designers who spend countless hours researching, reviewing and understanding the passion that drives each and every cause.  After numerous iterations we finalize our 2 sided coin design for the cause. 

Production starts with a square block of raw metal ore, then utilizing a CNC machine we delicately carve out a reverse or mirror image of the intricate awareness coin design.  This creates the unique mold which will be used for stamping out the face of the coin.  Just repeat the process one more time for the back of the coin. 

Blank raw nickel coins the size that we are making are then placed into a press after being heated to approximately 1200 degrees and each coin is then carefully stamped out with the mold for the front and back sides. 

Fast forward to the finishing, each coin is carefully hand painted and filled with a special colored epoxy to give it the final look and once polished they are ready for distribution to our loyal customers who proudly support these causes.

Every coin is a collectible item and every cause receives proceeds from the sale of our custom coins to help them continue their fight for finding cures.