AchievMo Coaster for Causes are hand crafted and custom designed by our talented in house designers who spend countless hours researching, reviewing and understanding the passion that drives each and every cause.  After numerous iterations we finalize our set of coasters for each and every cause. 

Production starts with a raw materials usually wood or acrylic, then utilizing a CNC or Laser Cutting machine we delicately carve out the intricate design of the coaster, repeating the process for each coaster in the set. 

Fast forward to the finishing, each coaster is carefully sanded, sealed and hand painted and/or filled with a special colored epoxy to give it the final look and once packaged and assembled as a set, they are ready for distribution to our loyal customers who proudly support AchievMo & these Causes.

Every coaster is a collectible item and every cause receives proceeds from the sale of our Coaster for Causes to help them continue their fight.

Custom Coasters for Causes are available, please contact us directly to discuss your needs and designs.  Standard Coasters will be listed to the site shortly, please be sure to check back soon for our latest designs.