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AchievMo provides a wide variety of products to accessorize and customize your manual or power chair.  We understand that our chairs are an extension of ourselves and our personalities.  Just like a car or home, we strive to make sure that we can create the life we want no matter how we roll.  

AchievMo has just recently launched and we are in design and development of a variety of products.  

Please support us and our communities and let us know if there are any custom items you would like.

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AchievMo  &  WheelchairCaps


Wheelchair Spoke Guard/Caps

Wheelchair caps are made out of a flexible durable foam and plastic substrates.  High quality prints are adhered to the substrate and laminated for extra protection and water resistance.  Pre-cut holes make it easy to install on any wheelchair while the center punched hole allows easy access to remove the rim.

Veterans of all ages enjoy showing their military pride by accessorizing their wheelchairs.  We offer bulk discounts for organizations like the V.A., Wounded Warriors, Hospitals, Rallies and more. 

Buy Today or give the gift of pride and show your support for our military families and veterans, buy multiple styles and change them up.