Virtual Assistant - 10 hr Pkg


When buying a book of hours, we provide deeper discounts over standard hourly rates.  Get 10 hours of assistance help with any of your office task.

What's Included:

  • 10 full hours of virtual assistant support
  • Standard Office Support Skills
    • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Data Entry
  • Data Collection & Research
  • Outbound Phone Calls
  • Survey Creation
  • Posting of content on websites and social media pages (content creation is separate)
  • Bookkeeping / Invoicing of Clients
  • Other services as needed, inquire if you have any question

Additional Reasons

  • US based workers
  • Quick turnaround times on projects



10 hours of Virtual Assistant Services to help your business with any of your needs.  Creating excel spreadsheets, data entry, power point presentations, data collections research and more.



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