Corporate & Bulk Wheelchair Caps

Business, Corporations, Parks, Hospitals, Airports, Nursing Homes all provide rental chairs or temporary wheelchairs to their patrons.  Why not secure your chair by having a very distinct wheelchair cap on it while promoting or advertising your services.  

We will work with Advertisers or your Custom Design to create the perfect wheelchair cap for your company or location.  We also have programs where we can help offset the price of the wheelchair and give you the caps for FREE. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas and designs, one of our coordinators would love to create a win – win program for you.  Contact Us Today!

Corporate Clients

Our gallery will demonstrate just some of the potential ideas and designs we can do for your corporation.  All Corporate designs are 100% custom designed and pricing can be subsidized by adding advertisers or sponsors to your wheelchair cap.  For more information or discuss getting a custom design done for your company or organization, please contact us today.