Why AchievMo?

AchievMo is creating the largest collection of officially licensed non-profit organizational merchandise in the world to solely increase the awareness for causes while maximize fundraising efforts. 

Our Mission

Raise awareness for a variety of causes through unique custom crafted merchandise, while maximizing fundraising initiatives for your organization.  AchievMo dedicates time by designing and developing innovative products, which your supporters are proud to wear, gift and show pride for family and friends. 


As an emerging leader, AchievMo is changing the way charities and non-profit organizations connect their supporters to purchase licensed fundraising merchandise by utilizing an innovative, technological driven approach. 

AchievMo utilizes multi channel e-commerce solutions such as web, mobile, social media, email and more.  This allows us to deliver consistent results, maximize fundraising and distribute successful on-demand merchandise supporting your cause.

Through deployment of a vertical engineering system designed specifically for the create on-demand economy, AchievMo has successfully integrated an agile production methodology to the industry.  This leads to servicing your supporters better, real-time growth, ease of expandability, all while delivering consistent unique innovative custom crafted merchandise. 

No stranger to adversity and challenges, the founder of AchievMo realized many important causes needed better fundraising technology, products and fundraising methods to boost their revenue which directly impacts their ability to fund cures, treatments, equipment and much more.  Diagnosed in his early teens with a neurological disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), overcoming obstacles became the new norm through life; with a passion for helping others, he set his mind on revolutionizing the disease and disability awareness arena.  By integrating technology fulfillment with on-demand unique, handcrafted, quality merchandise to raise awareness and celebrate life no matter what cause impacts you on a daily basis.

The AchievMo Difference

AchievMo is creating the largest collection of licensed non-profit organizational merchandise.  We want to innovate the world, shine a light on your cause, while maximizing fundraising efforts.  Our team of dedicated designers work diligently with each cause to ensure proper branding and messaging is conveyed to your supporters.  

A 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee; we stand behind our name, merchandise and more importantly represent your brand to the highest standards.  We know your supporters will be 100% satisfied but we still give them 365 days (a full year) to contact us and correct any problems, no questions asked.

Technology engines at the core of our business model, we are utilizing innovation and tech solutions to reduce costs, supply the most unique custom on-demand products available today in a quick and efficient manner to your supporters.  Delivering consistency in custom satisfaction, manufactured products and highest fundraising revenue return period. 

AchievMo Supporting Causes 

Through our organizations and dedicated supporters, AchievMo constantly is looking at ways to give back to our community and the people that are impacted by disabilities, diseases and more.  

Please contact us if you have any questions or want your charity to participate in our program.  We would love to hear from you.

Need a few more reasons on why to buy AchievMo

  • We Live it Every Day…Disabled Own & Operated
  • Ready to ship items, Custom Created Items, fast delivery
  • Monthly payouts made to your organization
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, professional support staff to assist 
  • Support ticketing system to submit any issues or questions for fast response
  • Many Handcrafted Custom Items available to support your cause
  • Bulk Order & Special-Order Discounts available on merchandise
  • Highest level of repeat customers who absolutely love our products & causes
  • Custom Designed Items for raising maximize fundraising efforts
  • No Risk, 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

AchievMo, its founder, and staff members understand more than most how difficult it can be getting diagnosed with a debilitating disease. The struggles cause various stress on our hearts, bodies, minds and souls.  We promise to strive without fail each and every day to help raise awareness for your cause.  We want to help empower everyone of us to live a better day, be proud of what we can accomplish, showcase our abilities, and shine a light on our causes.

We are dedicated to Supporting Your Cause!
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